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The Law Office of Jacob I. Kiani is a Los Angeles labor law and employment law firm. We focus on providing clients with legal services in four primary practice areas including California Labor Law, Employment Law, Business Law & Litigation, Landlord Tenant Law, and Technology Law.

We handle legal matters throughout California in additional practice areas as well. A more comprehensive description of the firm’s legal services includes the following areas of law:

Practice Areas:

We assist clients throughout California, including Los Angeles, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Orange County, Century City, and the San Fernando Valley. The firm has an unparalleled committment to using technology to deliver the highest quality legal services to our clients in the most efficient and convenient manner.

The hallmark of our firm is the remarkable value we provide each of our clients through innovation. This value, convenience, innovative thinking, and the firm’s seamless client experience is what differentiates us from our competitors. We consistently provide top-notch legal services, premier client service, and unmatched value relative to our competitors. Our firm truly distinguishes itself from the pack.

The full range of capabilities of our firm differentiates us and allows the firm to more precisely evaluate what will be the right type of legal service (no more and no less) for each client’s particular legal needs and/or objectives. Not many other traditional law firms offer this kind of flexibility and convenience. Our clients have come to expect it. We have the same entrepreneurial, progressive, and innovative values as many of our creative small business and technology sector clients. And they are loyal to the firm because of its remarkable, innovative, and unique qualities, as well as its emphasis on a client-centred approach.

Jacob is an innovative, entrepreneurial attorney with a solid legal background. Before starting his own law practice, Jacob gained more than five years of experience working as an attorney at some of the largest and most well-respected law firms in the country, including Sheppard Mullin and Jones Day. During law school at Notre Dame and through his work experience afterward, Jacob was educated by some of the most talented legal academics and then honed his skills as a lawyer under the tutealage of some of the most talented legal practitioners in the country. He brings all of that legal knowledge and practical work experience to his own firm and is enthusiastic about the forward-thinking, progressive methods of the firm that represent the future of law practice. The mission of the firm is to evolve the practice of law by using technology and other innovative methods to achieve efficiencies in legal service.

Los Angeles Labor Lawyer & Employment and Business Law Attorney

The law office of Jacob I. Kiani offers legal services to clients throughout California in the following four main areas:

California Labor Law and Employment Litigation



“It was great to work with Jacob. I needed help understanding the potential pitfalls in a 20- page business contract. He went over it with a fine-toothed comb and helped me see all the possible trouble spots . . . .”

“Jacob was great resource to have when my husband and I were in distress over our landlord/tenant situation. He offered great advice and we felt very comfortable talking to him. . . .”

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